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In the depths of your heart, lies the peace of the universe. 
To feel balanced and in sync with the universe you need to be able to rely on your true essence (atma).  The door to your true essence is unlocked with a holistically empowered approach.  To learn how to integrate these approaches to your daily life, book a service with Bindiya.  

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Holistic Evaluation & Consultation

A safe space to feel empowered and learn how to connect and communicate with your higher-self.  Receive an Individualized Wellness Plan with specific details, information and messages to assist you with various aspects of your life, health and spiritual development. You will obtain individualized recommendations for self-care including an Ayurvedic Healing Plan with dietary & lifestyle suggestions to help you optimize your healing journey.


90 min | $120

30 min follow up | $45

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Rejuvenation & Somatic Therapy

A gentle approach that honors the intelligence of the body, mind connection, and the healing that happens when both get to release the burdens they carry.  These therapies using various complimentary & integrative health modalities will align with your Individualized Wellness Plan to aid in opening, balancing and clearing your energetic pathways while also offering you deep rest & relaxation.  more

60 min | Prices Vary

30 min express | $45

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Comprehensive Holistic Courses

Dive in as deep as you wish with these simple, yet comprehensive life skills courses. Learn skills in a sequential & graduated manner making it easy to apply to your daily life. Whether you are a curious beginner in mindfulness or someone ready to make lasting changes in your life to decrease stress, pain, anxiety or depression...these virtual courses are for you! more

Prices Vary

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I will always hold a safe and compassionate space for you to journey inward. I know, sometimes it just feels easier pushing things under the rug and ignoring the red flags; however, I also know the negative consequences of that, and the toll it takes on your body, mind, and spirit. Eventually ignoring the red flags turns into living with a mental fog feeling that negativity is your disconnected and conditioned to believe this is how life will always be.  Let me promise you...this is NOT meant to be your reality.  As Rumi once said, "The pains you feel are messengers, listen to them." 

I commend you for listening to the stirring deep within you urging you to courageously say 'YES' to your Soul's Awakening. It is that internal desire and curiosity that led you here!  You are not alone in this journey and I assure you there is a more fulfilling life once you begin listening to your intuition and journey into your radical awakening. 

Together, we will work on identifying emotional, physical, and mental blocks within yourself that are impeding you from living life to its' fullest.  We will shine light on the things you love to do and find ways to remove the obstacles in your way of enjoying them.  With your mind-body-spirit connection at the forefront of our time together, you will begin creating new internal programming and will feel more seen, heard, and empowered than ever before!  

Some of the transformations you may experience:

  • Holistically knowing and understanding healthy boundaries and making mindful choices. 

  • Empowered sense of being, receiving, and giving that comes from valuing your worth.

  • Awareness and ability to be present in your own life as well as others.

  • Relationships (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) becoming more meaningful.

  • Trusting your intuition and experiencing more balance, joy, and peace. 

“You are not a drop in the ocean.
You are the entire ocean in a drop.”

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