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Holistic Consultations

Sessions are offered in person or via telephone/video conference from the convenience of your own space.

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Holistically Empowered Consultation is a comprehensive OT evaluation with a focus on Ayurvedic Wellness.  It is a transformative process that allows us to create an Individualized Wellness Plan based on your unique body constitution and any imbalance. We will obtain this information by delving into topics such as: the mind-body-spirit connection, internal balance/imbalance, vital energy reserve, prevention, health, wellness, gut health, toxin build up, and your unique mental constitution, We will discuss your primary occupations, roles and personal goals.

Your initial consultation includes a detailed account of your health history.  During this consultation you will be educated on the principles of Ayurveda as they apply to your specific need. At the end of this session, you will obtain individualized recommendations for self-care including an Ayurvedic Healing Plan with dietary & lifestyle suggestions to help you optimize your healing journey. 


A Holistic Evaluation is highly recommended to see the most benefits and results. Although each topic is interesting and powerful on its own, having the collaborate knowledge of these topics is extremely powerful in helping yourself live life to the fullest.

Offering you the ability to take control of your own healing is the main objective. Holistic Consultation is a powerful way to be guided and held steady in achieving your desires through balanced physical and mental health. It is a process of being true to yourself by connecting to yourself and becoming aware of the beliefs that no longer serve you.  Unlock your inner guide and feel empowered by authenticity, with clarity in your mind and peace in your heart.

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